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Road Trip USA - Day 9: New Orleans, LA to Houston, TX

Date: 1 Aug 2002 Day #: 9 Miles Today: 349
Start: New Orleans, LA End: Houston, TX
States Today: Louisiana, Texas
Total Mileage: 2,035 Total # States Visited: 14
Points of Interest:

Am I really leaving New Orleans today? I got packed and ready for Sarah to come back from work to drive me to the VW dealer. I think that we left about 8 am. Swung by McDonald's for breakfast (the usual: three hashbrowns, sausage biscuit, and OJ),  then she dropped me off at the dealer. It turns out that they put the wrong bearing plate in, so it won’t be ready until noon. For real? You overnighted the wrong goddamn part and only realized it when you went to install it? Great. So, to make lemonade, I brainstormed on new designs for my website (ver 2002.12) for a few hours while watching CNBC. At 12:15 they were washing my car, it cost $1148 for everything.

By this point I'm hungry for lunch, so I stopped into Subway, then an ATM, and finally gassed up before hitting the road.
Louisiana causeways are everywhere because the roads are built over swamp....
...Unless you need to get boat traffic under the causeway, in which case use a bridge.
Yep, more causeway.
Because the ground looks like this swamp.
You really get used to it after a while.
At 1:39, there was some sort of large dead black mammal on the side of the road, maybe a Rottweiler? That can't smell good in this heat. Nor could the dead armadillo and dead possum I passed before reaching the Texas state line at 4pm. It's 99F degrees, y'all.
Welcome to Texas, goodbye causeways.
Entering Houston, I turned off the A/C, since it's a nice 83F, but 90 humidity. There's also atwo-car accident on I-10. but in the other direction. I arrived Victoria’s at 6pm for dinner at Chuy’s Mexican.
Official Sponsor: Victoria
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