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Road Trip USA - Day 17: Napa Valley Wine Tasting

Date: 9 Aug 2002 Day #: 17 City: Napa Valley, CA
Points of Interest: Robert Mondavi Winery
The entrance to the Robert Mondavi Winery

Slept in. Matt and I went to Napa Valley (Robert Mondavi Winery, specifically) at noon. We had a great tour and a few glasses of wine (there was one extra…waste not, want not!).
I read about this place...on a bottle.
I wonder why she feels so cast out...
This is what we're here for.
Those grapes grow on these posts.
And those posts are in this field.
This is where the grapes go when they are ready for processing
Now this is a wine cellar.
What a wine tour must look like to kids.
Which to choose, which to choose...
We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant, then headed to the Headlands. I called Molly to confirm our plans in Chicago as we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge viewed from the Headlands
Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge
Matt and I walked around Golden Gate Park until it was time to meet Sandia at the R&G Lounge for Chinese food.
Golden Gate Park? Sure, why not. The file name suggests it is.

Peeking duck, anyone?
We then went to a Hawaiian bar for drinks and to meet up with Long, Laurie, and some more of Sandia’s friends. I left there around 11:30, got home and did laundry before going to sleep.

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