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Road Trip USA - Day 10: Houston, TX to North Texas

Date: 2 Aug 2002 Day #: 10 Miles Today: 487
Start: Houston, TX End: Copper Breaks, TX
States Today: Texas
Total Mileage: 2,522 Total # States Visited: 14
Points of Interest:

I left Houston at 10 am. My thermometer says it's 101 F outside, but the radio says it’s only 85.
Lunch at Sonic and refueled at noon.
Dr. Pepper is a local brand (Plano, TX).
It must be hard to hitchhike when you're 30 ft tall.
Entering farm country
These roads go nowhere.
Definitely more interesting stuff on the side of Texan roads: boots, sandals, and a dollhouse. Well, that and seven dead armadillos, 5 possums, four racoons, a couple of squirrels and dogs, maybe a coyote, and the legs and ribs of a deer. That's not counting the 10 other unidentifiable things I saw between 4:30 and 5:15.
Not pictured: roadkill
Blue sky and the open road, this is nice.
Now it's starting to feel like Texas.
A herd of camels near Iowa Park, TX
Dinner was something forgettable near Quanum, TX. I arrived at Copper Breaks State Park at 7:50 and immediately set about getting the tent set up. Not a bad place for a $10 overnight fee. But it was still 91F.

Copper Breaks State Park entrance sign
Copper Breaks State Park Map
Local residents
My room for the night.
Feeling secluded
The sunset make the clouds turn pink!

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