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Road Trip USA - Day 16: San Francisco, CA

Date: 8 Aug 2002 Day #: 16 City: San Francisco, CA
Points of Interest:
Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Even though I woke up around 6:30, I took my sweet time getting out of the house. Traffic is bad until around 10 am, so I should miss it. Matt gave me a guide book for San Francisco for my day around town. I drove into town and parked by Fisherman’s Wharf where I saw the famous sea lions.
Fisherman's Wharf
Alcatraz Island
Sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf 
From the docks at Fisherman's Wharf, I walked up the windy Lombard Street, then on to Ghirardelli Square where I got an ice cream sundae to replace all the calories I just burned. After my rest stop, I walked up to Coit Tower and then down Telegraph Hill’s garden-like stairs.
The windy Lombard Street
Ghiardelli Square
Coit Tower
I put two more dollars in the parking meter, walked down to the Trans-America Building, then on through Chinatown to Union Square. After that, I went up past Grace Cathedral, down to the Embarcadero Center, and then back along the piers to my car.
Trans-America Building
Chinatown gate
San Francisco Trolley!
Back on the road, I followed the signs for a 49-mile scenic view drive to the Golden Gate Bridge, Presidio, and Golden Gate Park. It's really just a photography study of the bridge.

To end the day, I got back on to 101 and headed back to Matt’s place

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