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Road Trip USA - Day 21: Denver, CO to Topeka, KS

Date: 13 Aug 2002 Day #: 21 Miles Today: 586
Start: Denver, CO End: Topeka, KS
States Today: Colorado, Kansas
Total Mileage: 6,528 Total # States Visited: 21
Points of Interest:

I rolled out of Denver at 7:30 am. I found a Midas on the way to the highway and stopped to get an oil change. Much faster service than back in New Orleans. Good to go & back on the road at 9:20. During my breakfast at Waffle House, I called my USAF recruiter to get my paperwork squared away. Rather than me having to go all the way back to Boston, he’s sending it down to the Knoxville MEPS. I left Denver around 10:15. Then things got flat.
Total flatness.
There were a couple of fun events that occurred on today’s drive. In one case, an SUV passed a marked cop car. They were going the same speed, the SUV signaled to pass, then got the lights.
Glad I didn't need to open up this can of Whoop Ass.
I passed into the Central Time Zone at 1423 CT, just after getting buzzed by a yellow cropduster.
See the plane in the lower right?
I guess that should have been headed North by Northwest…

I came across the Cathedral of the Plains in Victoria and everyone there said “Go in, take the tour.” It was okay, I guess. Not really what you would expect out there, so that made it somewhat unique.
Cathedral of thePlains in Victoria, Kansas

I passed a US Mail truck marked CIN-DEN for the fourth time today, as it seems like I’ll pass him, stop somewhere, start driving, overtake and repeat.

Otherwise, there’s really not a lot to do on the way from Denver to Topeka, so I kept track of the roadkill & live animals I saw. My notes tell me that I saw a live prairie dog at 1023 and a peacock at 1739, but the rest were dead. There was actually a wide variety of animals: porcupine (1056), prairie dog (1057), fox (1115), skunk (1241), antelope (1606), raccoon (1715), coyote (1906), possum (1923) by the time I pulled into the campsite. While those were the identifiable road kill, there were probably a dozen other unidentifiable furry things that used to be animals as well.
The view from my campsite
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