Great American Western Road Trip: Summer 2018

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow Days

What a week. The MLK holiday snowstorm led to a closure of Federal offices Tuesday and 2-hr delay on Wednesday. So a 4-day week got compressed into 2.75. And let's not forget to mention the Fairfax county school closures. Schools were closed Monday through Thursday and had a 2-hour delay on Friday. Which, for Kacey, meant that she only got a 90-minute reprieve from our energetic 4-yr-old who would have otherwise been in half-day pre-K for the entire week. As you might have calculated, taking two hours away from an already short schedule means that there's roughly enough time to drop her off, drive home in traffic snarled by iced over roads, brush your teeth, then drive back through the mess for pickup. Fortunately, we also have her enrolled in an after-school enrichment class for cooking that occurs on Fridays, so that kept her busy until mid-afternoon.

On the bright side, we've gotten several opportunities to go sledding. Being Floridians, we normally don't keep a sled in the garage. Instead, Greg improvised and we used one of those rubberized canvas banners that you might see hung on a street lamp advertising a major sporting event (in this case, it was the Head of the Charles regatta from over a decade ago). That worked pretty well, but we thought that cardboard might work also. It didn't. I mean, it did slide down the hill with us on it, but with minimal speed. And how are you going to burnout a week's worth of energy bottled up in a little kid by running up and sliding down a hill without the thrill of speed to motivate them? So, we switched back to the rubberized canvas banner and this was the result:

Exhausted from sledding


Wednesday, January 08, 2014

How To Break The Internet

How to break the internet: By making a vine of a tumblr post you imbed in a tweet that updates to facebook with a link to your blog you posted on google+ telling people...
At this point the vine loops back on itself, and if I could read that first sentence fast enough, the sentence would never end.

Lessons learned:
1) Vine is kind of frustrating. For some reason, I had a hard time focusing the camera which is a little ironic since you have to be mentally focused to get your joke to fit in 6 seconds. I just couldn't fit it all in. Which really just highlights a personal trait I've been meaning to work on: self-editing. For instance, I probably should of ended this thought at the last sentence, but I continued on with this one unnecessarily.

2) I think I'm going to like using Tumblr for the one-off snapshots that I want to share, but not feel required to write a supporting blog post about it. I poked around on the customization of the layout just long enough to determine that I don't really care if it's customized and reverted everything back to the default style.

3) Twitter, oh, twitter. I'm not a celebrity and I'm not connected. So, twitter's probably just going to be a repository of my inner voice and a tumblr fowarding service. Yes, I know tumblr can share directly to facebook, but why not set up the accounts to auto-forward and have instant presence on two sites for half the work?

4) Facebook, you're becoming where I point all these new toys just because that's the only place I know people actually read my stuff. But even then, lots of folks I know aren't using you any more and they have accounts on the other social networks, so I might catch them other there. But you're still great for Candy Crush.

5) This blog is actually starting to come together now that I've almost figured out how best to integrate my travel photos. Hooray for minor victories.

6) And google+...basically only there to share these blog posts with the few friends who've decided to leave facebook and almost a good way to store and share my travel photos. If only they'd install a toggle to let me sort the folders either alphabetically or chronologically as needed.


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