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Cooking with Gas - International Adapters

We have an American propane grill that we took with us to Saudi Arabia, only to discover that we couldn't find a suitable attachment to fit the local gas bottles to our grill. When we moved to Cyprus and could get the smaller canisters (and thus a different fitting), I found something that would work online.Well, it should have worked…

Our grill is the American-version of the Weber Q100 series. It works perfectly on the 1 lb Coleman gas bottles. But in Europe, the canisters come in either a valveless Campergaz or a threaded valve that totally doesn’t match the American system.
Thanks to Amazon, I found a Korean supplier that machined an adapter that screws into the American grille like it’s a 1lb canister, and I can screw the European canister into it like it’s a European stove. Sweet!

The adapter to go the other way (Europe grill + US gas canister) is much easier to find, but not what I needed
In case you were wondering, the Saudi tube thing was apparently Butane. It has a completely different connection method than propane and seemed kinda sketchy.
Anyways, here’s the adapter for our American grill and the European canister. First, the grille with no adapter:

Next, the adapter screwed into the grill.

As you can see, the European canister has a much smaller connection.

Once everything was connected, it was trial by fire. The automatic igniter had died some time in Saudi Arabia, and the battery had corroded inside as well. So using one of those long lighters, I turned the gas on. It worked, until it didn’t. Maybe there was some debris in the supply line or maybe the coupling didn’t seal as well as it should have, but either way, the next thing I knew there were flames pouring out of the line between the grill and the canister. In other words, there was fire, lots of fire, where there shouldn’t have been any.
The downside of having the regulator so close to the fuel supply is that you basically have to put out the fire before you can turn off the fuel to the fire. I was quick enough to recognize the danger and turned the knob off before the flames reached the canister. That would have been bad.
So, we’re gong to get a new Charbroil from the local BBQ shop that is configured to run the Eurogas bottles. If it survives until we get back to the States, we should be able to switch the components to use the American standard bottles.

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