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A passport is like a magic marker that you can use to fill in the blanks on a world map. We've done a decent job so far, but there are still so many other places left to see!

If you're interested in posts related to a particular country, you can find where we've been in the list below. If there's a next to the country, it means there is also an in-depth trip summary containing even more information.

Our Trip Summaries

Sometimes it's easier to tell a story about the entire trip, so we've compiled these summaries that cover an entire trip.




a99, swa deployments?, turkey, oman, Sri Lanka


e99, e01, e02, etc

North America

roadtrip1, roadtrip2, sw vacation.


Australia; New Zealand

South America


Wonders of the World

If you've read this far, why not check out how many Wonders of the World we've been to? If we've got a blog post about it, there should be a link!

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