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Yom HaShoah and Tel Aviv

Intro 450 characters before cut off. Yom HaShoah Yom HaShoah/Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel Tel Aviv

Yom HaShoah
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yom_HaShoah 10:00 am sirens- some stopped, got out of cars, others continued to work/drive. Israel museum - jeru model, allepo codex. Lunch at station 9, in first station. Grabbed bags from hotel, then cab to central bus station at 2:05. Israeli flag flying everywhere. Street intersections, lampposts, hotels. the sky was overcast, so it's silvery-blueness blended the blue and white of the flag . Bus 485 to airport arrived a little after 3pm. Ended up behind a woman who smelled awful, which was in sharp contrast to everything else in Jerusalem (which generally spelled fresh). Leaving town, the bus was laying on its amplified tin can of a horn. It is a bus ride though. We could have sprung for a shared bus to the airport that would have run 25 shkl each, which is 10 skhl more per person. 64 vs 100 for the full group, in theory. Given our earlier experiences arguing with taxi drivers over fares (the museum to hotel driver wanted 60 vs the metered 38 earlier that morning for "traffic" and "taxes", nice just to pay and ride.

Tel Aviv
Arrived airport at 4 Tlv .

 electric bikes galore. they go fast, and seems like it's just hilly enough to warrant them.

 Made it to beach via clock tower just at sunset.

Several wedding photo groups just wrapping up. the dry sand was really soft, almost plush on our feet when trying to brush it off on the limestone retaining wall blocks.

 Walked back to hostel.

  Waiting at the taqueria across the street, we crossed paths with our guide from Jerusalem yesterday. Small County! Great meal at Taqueria.
I'd forgotten what good Mexican food was while I've been in Cyprus. Also, strong margaritas. probably the only time ever spent $90 at a taqueria (4 margaritas=????>

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