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Lebanon Cedars Besharreh Kahlil Gibran Kozhaya

Intro 450 characters before cut off. Anchor1. Add labels and scheduled date to the right. save. then set the custom permalink for good SEO. It's easiest to type in the key search words in "custom-permalink" and hit done. Can also link to previous and next days if part of a trip. Page break before caption (if any) in first photo to hide it in "notecard" form or add break after the picture if no caption. Program- khalil #gibran museum, cedar forest 2k abv sea level, besharreh for lunch, heart of kadisa? "holy valley/valley of saints" valley/ #monastery of St Anthony Kahlil Gibran Museum Lebanon Cedars Monestery of Saint Anthony

brochure: "Discover the Lebanon of old on this full-day trip from Beirut. , visit the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Holy Valley, famous for its early Christian monasteries and churches. Take a guided walking tour around Besharreh, the birthplace of poet Kahlil Gibran, and explore the Gibran Museum and religious sites admire the magnificent Cedars of Lebanon, where towering cedar trees — once part of the country’s prized ancient forests — still flourish.before an included lunch stop. Then, visit the Monastery of St Anthony in Kozhaya and
Second Paragraph: 6:30 woke up to a black out. Fortunately, there was still sunshine and hot water in the shower. Got to our pickup stop at 7:46 for a 7:45 minute pickup. Based on yesterday, figured that traffic might be the reason. Called tour company at 8:00 to confirm, they said yes, no worries. 8:15 rolls around, I had just dialed and it was ringing when the empty van pulled up. I think they sent a second one because our names were highlighted in pink vs four others in yellow. Traffic wasn’t so bad because schools are out of session. Got us to the bus, same guide as yesterday. Got on the bus and it pulled away. Picking up two other groups of five en route. Stone stellas? ~8:50. Basically a conquerer graffiti wall, where 17? Leaders signed their names, starting w some old guy from Egypt way back.

Kahlil Gibran museum
Text. Holes in cliff @10:00 Phoenician tombs.Highest inhabit Ed village in Lebanon. Marionite community.
Museum- tomb quote "close your eyes, I am with you" Little Waterfall inside exhibit.cool breeze, clear mountain air, birds chirping. Peaceful.

brochure:On route, hear tales of the country’s history and culture, and admired the rugged landscapes, sprinkled with old villages and orchards. Make your first stop in Besharreh — a picturesque town nestled in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Qadisha Valley, whose name translates as the Holy Valley in Lebanese. The site of some of the world’s earliest Christian monasteries, the valley is framed by forested cliffs and known for its ancient monasteries and caves once used as religious refuges. On arrival, take a leisurely walking tour around this ancient town, and discover how it was the birthplace of the 20th-century Lebanese artist and poet, Khalil Gibran.  Visit the Gibran Museum that chronicles his art and thoughts, and check out some of Besharreh’s age-old churches and monasteries.

Cedars of Lebanon

brocure: drive on to see the majestic Cedars of Lebanon, an area of some of the venerated cedar trees that serve as a symbol of the country, and that were once part of its vast, ancient cedar forests. Walk around one of the cedar groves and learn about these magnificent trees, whose timber was used for building by the Phoenicians, Israelites and Egyptians through the ages. Hear how this usage ravaged the forests and how, in 1996, these ‘Cedars of God’ were added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites to help preserve them.

Departed cedars (of god?) At 13:25 for lunch. Meze lunch at Restaurant Saba ended at 14:40. One special item was a kibbeh made with wheat, meat, and olive that our guide said was only made on the mountain.

Saint Anthony? Monastery
At monestary, saw printing press, first in mid east (smuggled piece by piece past ottomans). Language: Assyrian? Two hundred years before Napoleon brought second printing press to mid east (Egypt). left at 4:15

brochure: Here, enjoy a guided visit of the Monastery of St Anthony, a mountainside complex that commands stunning views down over the woodlands and valley.
Tour text:

Read more at viator: Cedars of Lebanon, Kozhaya and Besharreh Day Trip
Day trip from Beirut to Besharreh, Kozhaya and the Cedars of Lebanon Explore Lebanon’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed Holy Valley Discover the Monastery of St Anthony in Kozhaya and the beautiful Cedars of Lebanon Visit the birthplace of the famous Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran Savor traditional Lebanese cuisine at a quality local restaurant (included) Complimentary hotel pickup and drop-off (if option selected) Transport by air-conditioned coach
Hop aboard your air-conditioned coach in central Beirut or at your Beirut hotel, and journey into Lebanon’s countryside to begin your day trip. 

After a stop for a traditional meze (small dishes) and tapas lunch, continue to the well-preserved town of Kozhaya, another highlight of the Qadisha Valley. 
Next, After taking photos here, return to Beirut where your trip finishes at the start point

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  1. Very nice. You saw a bit more of the region than I did. I just went to Bcharre to visit Gibran's tomb and bury a photograph of my late Uncle in the woods.

    Although I did end up chasing a chicken into someones backyard.