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Road Trip USA - Day 20: Denver, CO

Date: 12 Aug 2002 Day #: 29 City: Denver, CO
Points of Interest:

The US Capitol Building

Another lazy morning. I went with Lisa to drop her folks off at the airport, then on a windshield tour of Denver.
Denver International Airport

 After Denver, we took a trip to Boulder for a beer and hot wings. Boulder is definitely more my style than Denver.

Splash park
This just makes me smile.
After that, I met up with Alyson around 10pm because she got the late shift. We had a dinner of hashbrowns and pancakes at Tom’s Diner, a retro throwback that kind of reminded me of the diner in Pulp Fiction. During dinner, I remembered that I needed to get the oil changed, but it was far too late to get the car serviced. I’m also not feeling so well, possibly a combination of the beer, food, and altitude.

In somewhat related news, I heard back from Ted, my USAF recruiter, today. Ted just got back from vacation to find my paperwork still in Boston. So he says that I should come back to Boston on the 16th, which would be a really tight drive. Or, I can leave my car in Boston for 3 months and take a plane from Boston to Alabama on the 20th.

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