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Road Trip USA - Day 22: Topeka, KS to Chicago, IL

Date: 14 Aug 2002 Day #: 22 Miles Today: 613
Start: Topeka, KS End: Chicago, IL
States Today: Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois
Total Mileage: 7,141 Total # States Visited: 24
Points of Interest: Bridges of Madison County

I woke up to the sunrise beaming into my tent, then slept in until 0730. The tent’s on a slant, so I kept sliding off my warm spot and got cold. The showers at Perry State Park are cold and you have to shower in bursts by pushing a button to get ~20 seconds of water. I was on the road at 0818.

Walking stick on my tent
Just another corny picture
I passed a whole mess (27+) of largely unidentifiable roadkill on the way into Missouri (0920), Iowa (1051).
Side trip to see the Bridges of Madison County

Ok, got that covered
You shall not pass..
Crossing the Mississippi
I entered Illinois around 3:45, and I hit traffic around 5:48pm and found Molly’s place around 7pm. After I checked email, Molly took me to “The Art of Pizza, Inc”, which was voted best deep dish pizza.
The "L"
Official Sponsor: Molly
After dinner, we also hung out with Molly’s housemate Renee. I’m not sure when I got ready for bed, but I know it was well before Sharon, Molly’s other roommate, came home at 11:20pm and turned on a really bright light. I groggily introduced myself from where I had been sleeping on the couch.

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