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Road Trip USA - Day 8: New Orleans, LA (Day 3)

Date: 31 Jul 2002 Day #: 8 City: New Orleans, LA (Day 3)
Points of Interest:

Watching the morning news, Louisiana has 32 West Nile cases. A co-worker picked Sarah up, so I used her car to find a UPS shipping location and picked up some boxes for her, all while doing my laundry. I called the VW dealer, and they’re working on the car right now. It should be ready by 1 pm or so. I watched “Texas Justice” and “Blind Date” while packing up my gear. I filled up Sarah’s car with gas on my way to lunch, then found a great metered spot. Karma! I “Boston bumped” one of the cars while I was parallel parking (sorry Sarah!). There were some good ole’ boys (more like old guys) hanging out of the van I bumped who were quite good humored about it.

I got lunch at Popeye’s, because it's hard to pass up spicy chicken and their mashed potatoes. The cashier had a thick Cajun accent, with all the flourishes, “Cajun man” style. After lunch, I drove up to the dealer at 1 pm. They told me that it would be another 5 hours. So, the earliest I can get my car is late today, but more likely tomorrow. Which is okay, just another night in the Crescent City.

I drove back to the apt and watched TV. It's more accurate to describe the streets as a big pothole with bits of asphalt sprinkled around for good measure. The stop signs are intermittent. For dinner, an excursion into the edge of the French quarter for a burger at Port of Call. As I was reviewing my schedule, I couldn’t remember how many days I’ve been in NOLA, which is kind of scary. After Port of Call, I hopped back into the car, drove home, watched TV until Sarah stopped by with a co-worker, then they both went back out to work some more. I went to sleep.

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