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Road Trip USA - Day 2: Washington, D.C.

Date: 25 Jul 2002 Day #: 2 City: Washington, DC
Points of Interest: White House, US Capitol, US Supreme Court, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, Vietnam War Memorial, Korean War Memorial 

The US Capitol Building

Today's all about exploring the District of Columbia. I woke around 7:30, got on the Metro at Dunn Loring-Merrifield station around 8am, and off again at Smithsonian/National Mall stop at 8:50.
I walked down to the Lincoln Memorial via the White House, which had a huge yellow crane in front of it.
The National Crane rests on the White House lawn. 
Lincoln Memorial

Saw the Vietnam and Korean memorials, then walked along the Potomac to the Jefferson monument.
Statue beside the Vietnam Memorial
Korean War Memorial
Jefferson Memorial viewed from across the Tidal Basin
Washington Monument viewed from the Jefferson Memorial
Walked up the mall to Capitol Hill, then over to the Supreme Court.
US Capitol Building
US Supreme Court
Started looking for a metro, ultimately found the one at Union Station. Got lunch at Uno’s. From Union Station, I walked down Massachusetts Avenue until I saw Chinatown, where I diverted to see the “town”: It seemed oddly real, like an EPCOT version of a Chinatown. I carried on until I hit George Washington University. Crossfire on CNN has free tickets, but I’m told they’re ‘sold out’ until august 2. Doors open at 6 for standby, and it’s like 3:30 now.
Ribbon Donkey
Grecian Elephant
Elephant Presley
So I trotted down to Georgetown University, where I started to feel a swelling in my ankle. It got so bad that I had to stop walking and let the pain subside. Chuck Taylor All-stars aren’t known for their support. I made it to the Crossfire studio around 5pm, where I could sit for a while in A/C and not seem out of place. #2 in standby line. In my seat at 6:35. I had to pass through a metal detector, so I left my camera and bag in coat check.
Paul Begala from Crossfire
Crossfire Topics:
1) Political fallout from corporate scandal, w/ John Conyers (D Mich) vs Davis (R VA),
2) Bush and vacation plans,
3) Best of Senate bloopers (Jim Traficant R OH), which were clips from old shows.
Hosts: Paul Begala and Bob Novak. Also, Connie Chung said “it’s the best” about junk food.

Overall, kind of fun, but the majority of the audience was a group of interns who knew much more about political people than I did. I called Justin around 8:05pm, when the live show ended and he’ll pick me up at the metro by him. Hopped on the “Orange line to Vienna” and I was on my way. I get a kick out of that because there is no way this is going to Austria. The metro is much, much darker than I think it should be. Almost cave-like. The DC Metro stations look like someone folded concrete waffles around the rails. Got Panda Express for dinner, fortune said “Be prepared for a sudden, needed, and happy change in plans”

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