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Road Trip USA - Day 7: New Orleans, LA (Day 2)

Date: 30 Jul 2002 Day #: 7 City: New Orleans, LA (Day 2)
Points of Interest: D-Day Museum
Statue's shadow in New Orleans

Woke at 6:40 am and got ready to drive Sarah to work so that I can use her car. We left around 8 and I was soon back at the apartment planning my day. Breakfast first.
The "loaner" car while my car is in the shop.
So I drove down to Tulane and back on St. Charles, where I found a McDonald’s to fulfill my order of three hashbrowns, a sausage biscuit, and OJ.
Street Car on St. Charles

With a full belly, it was on to the D-Day museum. Pretty nicely done, though I did have to run out to car to put more change in the meter.
I like the graphic on the ticket.

What D-Day looked like.
Old School Propaganda
Nice use of angles to break up the roofline
Now I’m trying to decide on where to park near the internet café in the French quarter, since it’s the only one listed. Logged on for 45 minutes to check email and tell people that  I won’t be where I planned to be and then went out looking for a shrimp po boy just as the rain really began to pour down. I panicked for a second when I thought I’d lost my sunglasses, but then remembered that I’d left them in the car because it was rainy. Drove back to the apartment to wait for Sarah’s call to pick her up and take her to dinner with her law firm.

Sarah called around 6 and said she didn’t need a driver, so I went to Sharon’s where we met up with Sharon's friend Brett and the three of us went to Frankie & Johnny’s for dinner. I followed that up with pecan pie at Camellia Grill, then hanging out at Sharon’s apartment until Sarah called asking me to return to her place in order to let her in (she gave me her only set of keys).

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