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Road Trip USA - Day 1: Boston, MA to Washington, D.C.

Date: 24 Jul 2002 Day #: 1 Miles Today: 446
Start: Boston, MA End: Washington, DC
States Today: MA, CT, NY, NJ, DE, MD, VA, DC
Total Mileage: 446 Total # States Visited: 8
Points of Interest: Wall Street & Statue of Liberty (NYC)

I stared at the clock until just before 7 am here in Boston, got dressed, and said “see you in New Mexico” to McG. I packed the car and went to gas station to check tire pressure, since I know that the front left tire runs low. My standard McDonalds's Breakfast consists of three hashbrowns, a sausage buscuit, and a medium orange juice. On the road at 7:48. There was not much of interest until Connecticut, when I saw a deer bolting out of the woods straight at me. Fortunately, it stopped before it reached the road.

Somewhere in Connecticut, I think.
You don't usually think of New York having trees, but it does.
As Dennis told me he might be in Queens for lunch, I pulled off and called him well before I got there, in the Bronx. He’s not in Queens. He’s at the tip of Manhattan. So, I called him again once I parked, some where near Wall Street.
Wall Street Stock Exchange with an American Flag
We met up at Beaver and Broad street…along with Ryan who just happened to be in the area. The three of us grabbed lunch nearby, then I was on my way.
Dennis and Ryan in NYC
Due to my lunch diversion, my MapQuest directions were no longer valid, so I took the Holland tunnel and ended up on the New Jersey Turnpike, and was back on track. Saw the Statue of Liberty from afar, at speed.
The Statue of Liberty
About an hour after lunch, I just wanted to close my eyes. I'd had basically zero sleep last night. I pulled over in the middle of New Jersey for a 20 minute break. Because, you know, getting in a traffic accident caused by falling asleep at the wheel is not the recommended way to start a road trip. I was back on the road and generally just pushing to reach Justin's place by 7 pm. Even with traffic on the Beltway, I had 7 minutes to spare. Justin’s not home yet, so I called him and he said that he’d be home in around 20 minutes. About 25 minutes later, I see there’s a message on my phone. He’s home, but he didn’t pass me where I was staking out his place from my car. It turns out that I’m in front of the wrong house. Right house number, wrong road.
Official Sponsor: Justin
I gave Justin one of my custom-made official sponsor T-shirts for providing me lodging. We got dinner and played some Madden (my Pats vs his Jets)...I won with a long pass with 11 seconds left on the clock. I was in bed at 11.

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