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Road Trip USA - Day 3: Washington, D.C. to Knoxville, TN

Date: 26 Jul 2002 Day #: 3 Miles Today: 598
Start: Washington, DC End: Knoxville, TN
States Today: Virginia, Tennessee
Total Mileage: 1,044 Total # States Visited: 9
Points of Interest:

Woke up, went to my car for a change of clothes, but found NO CAR?!?!?!? I’m hoping it got towed, since there was no broken glass on the ground where my car was. Justin drove me to the lot and I got my car back around 8am. Turns out, I had parked in the first non-guest parking space adjacent to guest parking, so I got towed. In my defense, the sign by these spaces said "guest parking area" and there was no way for me to see the markings on the ground, at night in an unlit area, UNDER SOMEONE ELSE'S PARKED CAR.
Seems so obvious now.
Brian, Justin’s brother, called and said that I forgot my shampoo. Might seem silly, but I went back for it. At 8:25, I was well into traffic on beltway, accompanied by heavy rain. Which caused an accident on I-95 at mile marker 155 in Virginia. Shortly after that, I stopped for breakfast at a Waffle House in Fredricksburg, VA and used the time to call up McG and Andy in Boston to get Ed’s phone number in Durham, NC.
Hooray for RainX
I saw a dead deer just before 11am as I was switching from I-95 to I-85. About 45 minutes later, I came across a dog was randomly crossing I-85...I hope he made it. I reached the North Carolina state line at a quarter past noon. Lunch with Ed at Elmo’s in Durham until 1415.
I'm in town, meet me for lunch.
About this time, my dad called to let me know that his plane wasn't the one that crashed. Apparently, he had flown the route the day before. You'd think that these kind of phone calls would bother me, but when you grow up with the possibility of losing a parent while they are working, these kind of "wasn't me" phone calls are kind of nice.
I-40, somewhere in North Carolina
I-40, somewhere in North Carolina
I passed another accident on I-40 at mile marker 83 in North Carolina. I don't think it had anything to do with the dead cat I saw at 6:15pm. About an hour after passing the cat, I entered Tennessee. Lo and behold, I saw a non-dead (and very much alive) deer about twenty minutes before arriving at my mom's place around 8pm.
Somewhere outside of Knoxville, TN
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