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London on a Sunday

We woke up at 0900 to catch the last part of the hostel provided breakfast. The choice was between between Traditional English and Continental. We went back to sleep until 1100. The shower was an overhead set-up, and you had to hold the button in to get water. No curtain that I could remember, but each shower was behind a lockable door.

We had Burger King for lunch, which wasn't too good for a county known for its kings. Then set out for Harrod's. It's the oldest, coolest Department Store in London. 1830's, I think. Anyhow, it was closed. So we walked over to Hyde park, and saw the famous "Speaker's corner" where there were all sorts of people speaking to audiences. There was a Nation of Islam group, and an Arab guy shouting "no American Power" among them.


We stopped by the US Embassy, which was closed, and then hiked to Madame Tussaud's which is apparently the only thing open on Sundays. It was pretty fun.
We had dinner at an Angus Steak House, then went back to the hostel to sleep. St. Paul's bells rang every hour or so.

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