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Tower Time

We woke up at 0800, caught breakfast and switched rooms (hostels are weird that way.) Being an even day, we got to see the changing of the guard, at around 1130. We went back to the Fish and Chip Shop that we ate at before, since it was very close by. Then we cut across town, back to Harrod's, which was open this time, and spent some time there.
After that, we went over to the London Dungeon, which is now just a tourist attraction. After that we crossed the Tower Bridge and walked up to the Tower of London at 1703. The last tickets were sold at 1700. Denied!


So we went back to the hostel, napped, and then had dinner in Chinatown. We stopped by Soho Square and Leicester (pronounced as 'Lester') Square. We would have gone to the Hippodrome (a club that had a college night on Mondays) but we slept instead.

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