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Top of the morning to you, too!

Woke up to birds chirping in the sunlight. A pleasant breeze was blowing thru the window. We had a Traditional English Breakfast (beans in tomato sauce, sausage, ham, eggs, toast...neither of us had the beans though), and checked out of the hostel.
We went down to the nearest rail station and picked up some postcards and Weekend Subway passes. It was worth it since we managed to visit Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Picadilly Circus, Fortnum & Mason (the store where the Queen gets her groceries, Buckingham Palace (missed the guards by a couple of hours...only done on even days until later in the spring), and Trafalgar Square (all while wearing our fully loaded backpacks.) We had fish and chips for lunch. We also did not have a place to stay for the night at this point.


So, we figured that if people had to check in by 1600, we could get an unchecked-in space at 1600. So we went to the City of London Hostel, right next to Saint Paul's Cathedral. And as our luck would have it, we got someone's room. We were happy, since we had reservations at City of London for the next two nights. We dropped out back packs here for the rest of our London Stay.
We took a little jet-lag induced nap, and then went to the Blue Note Club at 11 PM. We got lost, but met some friendly Italians who were going there. So they let us tag along. The club was cool. It's billed as having genres of music mixed there that Americans have never heard before. So I won't even try to explain the sounds. We left at 0230, and since the Tube shuts down at 0130 or so, we had to wait for a Night Bus. It came at 0300, and I don't know when we got back to the hostel. We slept.

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