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5 countries in 22 hours?

Amsterdam, Netherlands
So the next morning I woke up at the time we agreed to make the train, according to the schedule. I told Micah it was time to get up and he muttered something and stayed in bed. I showered, told Micah he should get up, Micah muttered again. I munched some food, told Micah we had 15 minutes before we had to leave, he told me that we had over an hour. All I had to say was "Daylight Savings time" and he flew out of bed. He replied: "OH!" He threw all his stuff together and we were on our way. We got to the train station at 0900.

Today's travel plan is to go from Amsterdam to Brussels, passing thru some part of France to connect to the Chunnel and on to London, then to Boston. Our first train arrived, and we were told that we had to have had our seats already reserved. But the next train would not make it to Brussels in time to make the connection. So we talked to a train guy, and since this particular train was affiliated with Eurostar, he said he could sell us some extension tickets. The tickets cost 42 Gilders. Neither Micah or I had Gilders on us. So I paid in dollars (12 bucks) and Micah paid in pounds (7 sterling). Best money we spent on this trip, and I got a good lesson in the European train schedules & practices.


The train we boarded, by the way, was the one that we would have been on had we gotten that special pack that was not offered to us when we bought the Eurostar tickets. The "reserved" seat train was mostly empty. The ride was nice, and we saw canals everywhere. We even got offered Chocolate Easter eggs by fellow travelers.

We switched to Eurostar in Brussels and had 30 minutes layover. We saw the countryside during the day this time.
And a herd of sheep running across a green field in England, and a plane pretending to strafe us. Micah got into a little conversation with some young boys that said "it was bad to be a Trekkie"...Micah and most of the surrounding adults disagreed. A highlight of the ride was going 300 km/h (188 mph) that close to the ground. We arrived in London around 1600, got on the Tube, and arrived at the airport around 1730. The plane boarded at 1820, and arrived at Boston around 2000. We were awake for around 22 during this day of travelling.


The last event of the trip was just that. As I was walking towards the Blue line of Boston's "T", I tripped over a girl's luggage. I dislocated the handle and landed hard on the concrete platform with my pack on. I limped onto the train and apologies were exchanged. We made it back in time for the our fraternity chapter meeting.

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