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Good Friday in England

Southampton, England
The day started off well. We saw a horse in front of the gate of the hostel. We talked to the old folks who were there on holiday.

The cab came around 0825. We caught the bus at 9:25 AM from Ringwood to Southhampton. It arrived in Southhampton around 1010. We caught the 1015 train to London. All the road were packed by people on holiday. Glad we didn't take the bus. Animals seen:cows, sheep, a goat (in the changing of the guard back in london), horses, and hogs.


The train arrived 1126. We immediately went to secure tickets from Brussels to Amsterdam. We had a few hours before the Eurostar left, so we went back to Soho square, got Micah's ears pierced at Metal Morphosis (one ring on each ear, on the top. I watched, it was painful :)) Then we went back to the Tower of London (we would not be denied!). Somewhere in there we booked a hostel in Amsterdam for Saturday night. I also nearly had the map ripped out of my hand by some strange lady. If she was a thief she wasn't very good. If she was trying to be funny, she wasn't.

At the Tower, we met some people from North Carolina... You could hear the accent a mile away.


Then we were back in the train station. When we were going down the escalator, some Eurotrash losers spit on Micah from above. Needless to say, he immediately went back up to confront them and I followed. We figured out who they were, and Micah let loose with some "undirected" harsh words about their racist actions, and then we walked away. The losers said something, so we knew that they had done it and that they had heard him. Fortunately, it didn't get physical.We then went back down the escalator, a sort of ultimate dare...because it would have been on if they spit on him again. They didn't try anything.

The Eurostar train departed at 1853. There were only 5 people on the car. it was spooky and quiet. It was as smooth as a plane, but we could only see blackness outside. We picked up 4 more people in Ashford, by Dover. We passed thru Calais, France around 2142, and Lille, France around 2012, before reaching Bruxelles at 2330.

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