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The Wye Valley

We woke up at 0800 to catch breakfast (notice a trend here?). We didn't shower, since there was a line, and we didn't feel too dirty. We checked out of the hostel and went to town. We bought 11 o'clock bus tickets to Chepstow, Wales at around 10 o'clock. Then we went to get some money.
Cardiff Castle
We also saw Cardiff Castle, and while we were in the castle, (around 1045) Micah realized he had left his camera case in the hostel. So he jumped in a cab, and I saw some more of the castle before walking back to the bus station where we'd agreed to meet. Micah got to the bus station 2 minutes before the already late bus would leave.
View from Cardiff Castle keep

We got off the bus in Chepstow and had lunch in a fish and chip shop. We got on another bus to Tintern Abbey, which I put on our agenda based on the poem my class read in high school. As a side note, most buses in Wales seem to be de-commissioned tour buses. We got in to the Abbey just before admissions closed (no Tower of London repeats for us). We took a bunch of pictures.



We waited until 1720 (more than an hour!) for a bus to Monmouth, Wales where our hostel was. At Monmouth, we had fish and chips for dinner. Turns out our hostel was a DUTY hostel. We had to sweep the floor before leaving, which wasn't too bad.

We saw that comet that had been in the news when we went outside. That was cool, what with all the blackness and lack of big cities to ruin the view. We went "downtown" to the "Punch House" where I toasted Watson (a fraternity brother) with a pint of Guinness. I also tried a Welsh brew called "Brains SA".
SA was for special ale, but locals say it's for Skull Attack. It was ok for a beverage highly endorsed by the undead masses.

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