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The Land of Wales

London, England
We woke up around 0800 and on our way to check out of the hostel, noticed that the male/female ratio had changed to our favor. Oh well. Since we had not yet checked out St. Paul's Cathedral it was now or never.
We climbed to the very top of it (above the dome) WITH our packs on. we had to crawl up one very tight staircase.


From St. Paul's, we popped back on the Tube, and barely made the bus to Cardiff, Wales. Apparently Victoria rail station and Victoria coach station are farther apart than you would be led to believe. We boarded at 1128, the bus departed at 1130. The scenery was amazing. Bright green everywhere, even with the overcast sky.


Cardiff, Wales
We pulled into Caerdydd on the bws about 3 hours later. Everything seemed misspelled (the Welsh language is mostly phonetic). We finally figured out which local bus we needed to catch to get to the hostel. Everyone was nice and helpful in Cardiff. The hostel had a key code to get in late, but there were no locks on any of the individual rooms. trusting place.

We walked around town after we dumped our stuff in our room. Had dinner at Pizza Hut. Very nice service there, and the food was good too. Then we walked over to the University of Wales. And we walked some more. We saw a lot of stone buildings, and some nice gardens. Then we came back to the hostel and after replanning our trip, thought it might be nice to go to Amsterdam for Easter. Then we slept.

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