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Britannia Bound!

The journey begins.
The plan is to visit:
  • London, England
  • Cardiff, Wales (Tintern Abbey)
  • Southampton, England (Stonehenge)
(Update: We added Amsterdam to the agenda after we were already in Europe, which tested our schedule's flexibilty.)

I woke up 0530 and did the usual morning thing. Micah Hawthorne (MTH for those Chi Phis) was my travel companion. We got on the "T" at 0630. Boarded the plane at 0835 Boston time, deplaned 2030 London time.

While we were walking through Heathrow, we were wearing our Chi Phi gear, and were asked if we were Chi Phis. Unfortunately, the inquirer was only a Greek Advisor from Albany, and we talked about the chapter there for a minute or so. We hopped on the Tube (London Underground Rail system) at 2100, and got to the hostel at 2300. Talk about a long commute. The hostel was nice, but since were got in so late, I never actually got to talk to anyone. Two of my roommates probably didn't even know I was in there.

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