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End of Tour Summary - Nairobi, Kenya

We had originally planned our fourth tour in the Foreign Service to be in Nairobi, Kenya for three years. It got off to a rocky start during the first pandemic summer of 2020, but safaris were a great place to practice social distancing. Unfortunately, our three-year tour was cut short after only 16 months just as the neighboring countries were starting to open back up for travel. 

Kenyan Safaris
In Swahili, "safari" means "journey". The national park system of Kenya is a global treasure.
Here are our stories from our journeys through each of them.
Amboseli - Elephant Country
Ol Donyo
  • Ol Donyo Lodge (1 oct 2021)
  • Ol Pajeta (last of the northern white rhinos) Kicheche Laikipia (24 oct 2021)
  • Samburu National Reserve (9 jan 2022) Elephant Bedroom
  • Tsavo & Amboseli (Kacey) 4-6 oct 2021

Non-safari excusions (if we weren't in a safari vehicle, it wasn't a safari).
isle royal/Mackinaw island/pictured rocks/detroit?


Preparation and Gear


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