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New Zealand to Australia

Today is mostly travel from New Zealand to Australia. We had breakfast at the hotel before catching a ride to Queenstown Airport. Quite breathtaking scenery, mountains and all. Connected in Christchurch, then flew to Sydney.



We arrived around 4pm Sydney time, then caught a van ride into town with three other backpack groups. The ride itself was an an experience that I'm only reliving to retell it to you here because it involved frequently gasping in horror at near-accidents, while our eyes and noses were burning from an acrid stench of body odor inside the vehicle. We stayed at the Old Sydney Holiday Inn, right in The Rocks. We set out to explore the city, but got caught in a torrential downpour. Our window in the hotel leaked and flooded a quarter of the carpeted floor. We had a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and walked around that part of the harbour to see the Sydney Opera House.
Had a great German meal at the Lowenbrau --Weinerschnitzel, German waitstaff, an Oompah band, and even "Tür an Tür mit Alice"...which at first I thought was this rendition of "Living next door to Alice."

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