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Alice Springs to Cairns

Slept in, at "brekky" at McDonald's, then a few hours at the Alice Springs Desert Park. Lots of pretty birds singing. Woodland and desert habitats. Since there were no fences, we were able to get really close to a red kangaroo who hopped away.We saw emus, owls, and falcons as well. A bunch of lizards and rodents too. I highly recommend stopping here if your schedule allows.
Alice Springs Desert Park Map



Had lunch at the park cafe, and then went to the airport for our 1425 flight to Cairns. On the ground there around 1700, warm and humid. Our hotel (Bay Village Tropical Retreat at the corner of Lake & Gratton Streets) is literally crawling with little lizards (not in a bad way). It seems to get hotter when the sun goes down. Finally got to do laundry. Had Balinese food in the hotel restaurant before turning in for the night. Laid out the clothes and gear for tomorrow's dives at the Great Barrier Reef.

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