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Milford Sound

We woke up at 0600, had breakfast at the hotel and got on the tour bus to Milford Sound. Our driver was one of the Men of Rohan (LOTR) and talked much of the way (at least four hours) about the area. We were in a 4-coach convoy of Japanese tourists who swarmed like locust at each stop and constantly got in the way of our pictures. Huge mountains disappeared into the water on our cruise to the Tasman Sea. The cold wind blew, but the skies were blue all day--a first for the trip. Even so, in one tunnel we drove through, the bus hit icicles!
The Sound also had lots of waterfalls and some fur seals on the rocks. The scale of the mountains defies comprehension, some 2,000 meters nearly vertical up from the sea floor. There were rainbows in the waterfall mist and the water was a rich blue.

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