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Out and about in Sydney

For our first morning in Sydney, we slept in a little, then had breakfast in the hotel after finding nothing suitable nearby. We found Kacey a lovely opal pendant necklace made from five opals in the Southern Cross constellation.
We dropped the necklace back at the hotel and then headed back out. We walked down George Street to Circular Quay (pronounced "key").

The Captain Cook Cruises Harbour Explorer took us across to Watson's Bay, where we hiked a path to a lighthouse (Hornsby?), which overlooks the Pacific.


Had the misfortune of getting stuck in a downpour on our way back, took shelter in a garage and wondered why the sky was sunny and blue but it was still raining. We had fish and chips at a/the only place nearby, Doyle's on the Beach.

Walked up a path to a Pacific Ocean overlook. Very high, very pretty. Then back down through a park and reboarded the Explorer, which stopped at the zoo and over to Darling Harbour where we hopped off.

We boarded the monorail and rode it halfway around the circuit to Paddy's Market, basically a big mall. We explored the area a little, walking to the Chinese gardens and up along a long water feature to the next (last) monorail station. Our route took us through Chinatown and by Thumbalong Park where we saw a number of unusual birds and very interesting fountains.


We hopped on the monorail again and rode it all the way around to the Maritime Musuem. They had a very interesting Viking exhibit that we stayed in until the museum closed at 1700.

This is Greg's "pillage face"
We walked across the bridge to the pick-up point for the cruise. At 1730, after sunset, we boarded the boat and it took us back to Circular Quay, under the Harbour Bridge and by the Opera House...both of which were lit up.

Dinner was at Phillip's Foote, where we got to cook our own steaks and eat outside. If we ever return to Sydney, we're going back here. Another patron gave us a quarter bottle of wine with an awfully funny history of the wine on the label. It was all a very nice way to end our time in Sydney.

Literally "Street Art"
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