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Onward to Queenstown!

We finished off most of our food for breakfast since we wouldn't be able to take it on the plane to Australia in a few days. Walked around Franz Joseph in the dark looking for the bus stop. Not hard to find in a two-block town. We got on and rode for almost the entire day, making stops at Fox Glacier, Thunder Creek Falls, a fruit farm, and a salmon farm for lunch.

The stops were necessary to stretch our legs and clear the stench of the foulest man on the trip. The mus smelled of body odor and cigarettes, and each time we got back on it smelled like aerosol spray. We arrived in Queenstown around 1600 along with a nasty rain. Rode the gondola up to a very windy top of a mountain for the sunset and we floated back down through a dark forest of fairytale quality. Dinner at Speights Ale House before retiring for the day. Oh, and it snowed today.

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