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Legoland Dubai

Rough draft, just for the photos. We spent a fun-filled day at the Legoland #Waterpark and #legoland Amusement park in the Dubai world complex. Here's how we planned our day. Anchor1.
Dubai world is xx min from Dubai (3 day post) yy from Abu Dhabi (link to post), and just zz from Dwc. Note: can fly into dwc airport? Is Dubai really moving south to draw from Abu Dhabi? Sprawling entertainment complex with Legoland, Bollywood, etc. picture Disney/Epcot in the desert. Slightly different though. The center is a French village, with restaurants and venues you can access without entering the parks.

 Parking cost x so we decided to take a cab rather than rent and drive.

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In cab from hotel (investments park premiere inn) at 9:30, park opens at 10? 60aed cab fare and at ticket booth by 10:05
Water park 107cm yay for rides. A bit of a mixup at ticketing. Misunderstood the locker sizes, got the small when we should have gotten medium. Steel drum and Hawaiian music, hard to stay upset. Volcano, puff the magic dragon, retreat, among others.
Got kit an engraved brick key chain like her sis. Kids loved wave pool, tube rides, even sliding mat. Took the GoPro. (AmazonLink) Snacks at 11 and 2 to avoid crowd. Build a boat. Pizza, drying out the cash on the table (ziplock for sunblock sticks leaked). Link to small waterproof pouch?

(ADD PHOTOS FROM GO-PRO waterslides?)

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Dried off and out of water park at 3pm.second locker in park, for our not very wet stuff. Medium this time.

Miniland had Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Yemen, Petra, egypt, Taj mahal. The whole miniland is indoors, which is unique, but really brought out the lighting). (add links to posts for places we've been)

(treasury at Petra IG @PSCblog)
Crawled inside a pyramid.

Submarine adventure saw sharks! Ray! Mermaids!
Kids also enjoyed the adventure ride.
Race cars, other kids stole ours right off the track. Punks.
Kacey and Cori rode the dragon, kit and I sat out (120cm height)
Longest line at kiddie coaster dragons apprentice...3 seats were busted, so only 75% of capacity riding.
Last ride (merlins) ended at just shy of 7, park shutting down. In cab at 7:15, after walking thru "French village". Feeling a bit nauseous from the spinning rides,hunger, sun, and dehydration.

Back at Hotel at 7:35 51 aed. Kit said that she was "funned out" from today and had to be carried to the room from the restaurant. Quick turn around, kacey took the kids for the night dinner at hotel while Greg went out with a college friend to the Belgian beer cafe in medinat jumerieh ~25 min away. Dark wood, light stone, "old style". Sat outside enjoying the cool breeze while catching up. In cab around 10:45. Back at hotel 11:05
Burj al Arab viewed from the Belgian Cafe
Souk Madinat Jumeirah (IG @PSCblog)

Belgian Cafe Souk Madinat Jumeirah (IG @PSCblog)

If you go (look at Wadi Shab format): Lots of sandals storage spaces, or just wear aqua socks. Sun block! Shade is common, but not everywhere. In fact, some areas were really windy, and being wet: very cold. You can buy rash guard shirts, towels, suits there, but why waste time shopping? Sunglasses should have straps. Maybe hats too. Waterproof pouch?

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