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Khasab, Oman

HD city tour of khasab on day 3 morning and drop to Dubai
We ended our time in Oman with a visit to the museum inside #Khasabcastle to learn more about traditional Omani life. After that, we headed into the UAE where we had several entertainment options to choose from #outsidedubai. Anchor1.

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9:30 start. Same driver as mountain safari. Khasab castle/museum Walking sticks w axe.  Old Bedouin door. Acacia wood boats. Traditional house. Fortress rooms were cool and breezy.
Around town, goats and sheep everywhere, like the cats in Greece. Really like canals cutting into town.

Petroglyphs and goats. Bedouin village.Water, power,school for everyone. Rock formations dominate, like sci if movie or some Conanesque.
Back to hotel by 11:30, put our stuff in storage while we had lunch out on the deck (shawarma, falafel, and nuggets). Our transfer back to Dubai picked us up at 1pm. Same car as this morning, different driver.
Thru UAE border ~2:15. There were goats between border crossings...no visa?(photos prohibited)

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Outside Dubai, driver recommends miracle garden and global village (seasonal).
At hotel at 5 min to 4:00. Caught shuttle to ibn battuta mall. Great themes based on his travels (link to post?) Tunisia-Egypt-Persia-India-China (in that order, just like east-west order. Dinner, ice cream, and some random shopping. Caught shuttle bus back to hotel at 8:00.

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