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Jebel Harim - The Mountain of Women

We started our spring break vacation with a mountain safari to Jebel Harim over the rugged terrain of the #musandam mountains? Anchor1. Adding to the adventure, rains last week made some roads nearly impassable. Emphasis on "nearly".

We flew from Jeddah (airport departure sign) thru Bahrain yesterday(Friday) on our way to Dubai. We'll spend more time in Bahrain later in the week, but right now we've just got a short layover. Nothing really significant happened during our travels, save for a crush of people mobbing the transit passenger security station and putting their bags on between our stuff. Since it was mostly folks from our Saudi flight, this impatience was either because they were trying to get to the prayer room or they still don't understand how lines work. I want to believe it was the former, but i suspect it was the latter. We're really looking forward to leaving the region for good (9 weeks to go!)
dxb immigration: 6:45, routed to Marhaba desk(we had kids?)
Jeddah Airport (IG @PSCblog)

Our hotel in Dubai premeire inn, dinner at a Mr Toad's Pub and Kitchen gastropub (fish and chips and Beer). Kids also danced in the aisle to the club music (we don't get music or dancing Saudi).

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We started the day at around 5am, for a 6am pickup. At around 5:50, we discovered that our tour company and called our vonage phone number <link to T-Mobile - vonage new page> last night at around 10 pm and confirmed our pick up at 9am. What? Turns out, we had emails confirming both 6 and 9 am. At least we could get breakfast now.
Tour operator arrived around 8:15, loaded up for Oman at 8:30. Joined by another couple and rolled out at 9am.
Arrived at UAE border at 10:45 (western toilets), past Oman immigration around 11:15. While watinf, saw map with UAE inside Oman inside UAE. Massive scenery change from flat desert to mountains.

Followed the coastal road, curving in and out like (link) Amalfi Coast. Kit got warm and nauseous, so we stopped for fresh air and goats.

Dropped others at their hotel, then went to ours. Arrived~12:15. Atana Musandam
2:30 keep tour by Indian Turk Turk driver 23 yrs in Oman, may-sept in south India. "I can stay, company won't pay. " Most buildings here new, with road in 97 for materials.
Main road floods, poles in the side have depth markings. 20-30cm?

Recent rains washed out part of the gravel road we followed, like bad air turbulence.

African, Indian, and Arabic plates pushing formed mts. Over a million years old. Cori "I'm guessing a million has 4 zeros?" No, 6. " <Jaw dropping>, "6?!?!"
Rocky road most of the way.

Stopped to look at flood planes and fossils on our way up to 1600m(panorama).

Kids fell asleep in car as it jostled around. Out of first mountain area ~5:20 as the mountain shadows were slowly creeping across the yellow and gray terrain. We do not want to get stuck on these roads at night.

We drove across the main road and up to a point where we were looking due north over a vast fjord.

 Back to hotel by 7pm (we stopped enroute to pay for tomorrow's dhow cruise through the fjords (link)Kids took a quick swim in the pool and then we had dinner outside, surrounded by the soft, sweet smell of the acacia? Trees. It was a good day.

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