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50 Shades of Gray

Ever since I've had to "suit up" to go to work, I've been paying more attention to the  'buy-one, get-x' deals at stores like Men's Wearhouse and Jos. A Banks. Today, I visited the latter for their buy-one, get-two sale on pants and sweaters.
After coming to terms with an industry sizing standard that makes me feel gargantuan, I still had to sort through several dozen pairs of pants running the gamut from medium gray to charcoal and in hues ranging  from gray-green to gray-brown. I settled on one gray, one green, and one brown pair of pants (grammar note: tough call on the agreement of multiple singular pairs of pants). I also ended up leaving with two argyle v-neck sweaters and a half-zip pull over.
The only part of my new look that still needs help is the hairstyle...the grown-out military haircut is not flattering. I probably look more like a grad student headed to an interview than a professional headed to work. But I have to give the barber something to work with, right?

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