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Lego Table Upgrade, Version 4

About 10 years ago, I built myself a Lego table that was comprised of three square sections that connected to each other. They were sized to each hold nine standard-size Lego base plates, which also means that I could have a full circle of Lego train track on there as well.

Well, eventually, my Lego collection grew and I needed more storage/display/working space. So, while I was in Germany, I got to work building some new, non-square additions to my Lego table. I built a suspended extension piece that could also double as a recessed river (and thereby allow me to make a bridge for the train to cross.) I also built two shelf-like extensions, that could be installed in a variety of ways. each of these extensions would hold an additional nine base plates.

After moving back to the US, we were trying to find room to place all of our furniture and I ended up with an extra shelf unit. So, this was the third configuration of my Lego table. Which is great and all, but in that house I had very little actual area to work/play...so it was really more of a display area.

While I'd basically doubled the available surface area from 27 to 54 base plates, but I never reached this full capacity because the room that stored my Lego collection couldn't accommodate it. Until now. Without further ado, I present to you my current Lego table in all of its glory:

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