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End of Tour Summary - Washington, DC

Our first tour in the Foreign Service with the US Department of State was in Washington, D.C. Not really all that foreign, but there was a pretty steep learning curve associated with my job that effectively required me to be in D.C. for at least a year.
Best places to take kids:
Things to do at least once in DC:

Kid-Focused mailing lists: Red Tricycle, Social Rugrats

Useful  & heavily used apps: DC Metro; Google Keep, Evernote, Expensify

Best food trucks: Over the Rice & Lemongrass Truck

Other Useful accounts: OPM AppCapital Weather Gang; Fairfax County Schools; WMATA

You'll notice that there are a lot of free (and almost free) things to do in DC, a lot of places to get away from DC, and a lot of folks in the greater DC area to follow on Twitter. And yet having lived here for two years, we still find ourselves saying "Why do I feel like we're not as active as everyone else around us?" We determined that it's sort of a NoVA (Northern Virginia) hyper-competitive thing that's pervasive in the DC area. Status appears to be derived from how many hours you are unavailable to do things with people (it makes you more in demand, right?) Kid's schedules are packed with ballet, swimming, language, music, soccer, oh, and school. Everyone seems like they are trying to one-up everyone else with how busy they are. But I suppose that everywhere you go has their own sort of imposed stresses.

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