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Since we're spending the week in Garmisch, we had to summit the Zugspitze. We took the cable car up to the top and were treated to a spectacular view.


Arriving at the summit of the Zugspitze feel like arriving on a foreign planet.

However, I also know now that you can get excellent reception on your mobile phone up there, too. How do I know this? Because my boss decided that I was the "only" one who possessed the information that he needed ASAP, despite the fact that I had provided him not only the information in an email but also an alternate contact who is currently sitting in the office below his and is probably more of an expert on the particular subject than I am. This was all done prior to taking the week of vacation that my boss himself had approved. Which is what I relayed to him, as the wind howled around me on the mountaintop. Could I have gone inside where it was less windy? Sure. But if there's going to be static in a conversation, why limit it to the metaphorical?

The few from the top, sweeping around to the right, looked something like this. Somewhere out there is the border between Germany and Austria:

There's a cafe there too!


RRR's not too keen on this bird's eye view

Hopefully, this sign wasn't put up after an incident.
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