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This weekend was all about drinking and eating.
We'd found a store (C&A or H&M, I forget which one exactly) that had an entire floor selling dirndls and lederhosen. So we got some. Check it out:
 We met up with our friends at the Paulaner tent and got a table outside. I really don't know how many beers we had while we sat there for hours enjoying the gorgeous weather. I think we tried each type of beer that they offered. FYI, a radler is the perfect Sunday morning beverage: a lager mixed with lemonade. Delicious, refreshing, and just plain good.


I also got a call from one of the superintendents back at the office (yes, he was working on a Sunday) about mid-way through asking me what he needed to give our boss to answer some random question that came up. I apologized for the noise in the background, as we were at Oktoberfest and the best answer I could give him to direct him to where on the network the file was most likely saved. It wasn't really something that I could have answered anyways, but I'm usually the "go-to-guy" when it comes to finding things in the archives.
But back to the festival: if you have a chance to go, you should.

Inside the Paulaner Bier Hall



Bottom's up!
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