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Neuschwanstein, again.

The trip today is to Neuschwanstein Castle. Last time I was here, I took a train here and was pretty much bound by that schedule. This time, we drove, which allowed us to take our time walking around the area and really breathing it all in.

But it does bring up an issue that I, well, I wouldn't say I 'struggle' with but it exists by the very nature of revisiting somewhere that you've already been with someone who hasn't been there before. With so many places to see in the world, I think you should only go back to the places that you enjoy enough to visit instead of some place new. But at the same time, you're creating shared memories with your travel companions that may last a lifetime.


So that's the rub: see new places alone or revisit places with someone new. I'm lucky though, in that I prefer to spend time with my wife anywhere in the world rather than tell her about the new places I've been...lucky because she wants to see the world with me, too.

But all of you friends and families that want us to play tour guide...I hope you want to see some stuff that isn't on your list, too!

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