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Today we visited the Dachau concentration camp near Munich, so I hope that you'll understand why the tone of this post is much more somber than the rest of this blog. There is a palpable gravity to this site where so many thousands died under the lie that "Work will make you free."
 The remnants of the rail line are still visible as you approach the entrance to Dachau, recalling the industrialized atrocities of the past.
While all of the structures that contained the prisoners have long since been torn down, it is their very absence that evokes the a deep sense of emptiness for the lives that were taken here.
 And, while somber and dare I say, sacred, there is a peacefulness here that must be experienced to be understood.
Dachau is intense. These photos can't convey the experience of walking along these paths. The only sounds you hear are the wind rustling through the leaves and the crushed gravel underfoot. But inside your mind, only questions. "How could they?" "What must we do to prevent this from ever happening again?"
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