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The Eagle's Nest & a Salt Mine near Salzburg

Today's excursion was to the Eagle's Nest. And what a day for it. Overcast and gloomy, we rode on the bus up to the 'welcome center.' It was as welcoming as a long tunnel could be, at the end of which was an elevator that took us up to the actual building.


For such an infamous building, it was rather small. And cold. And really, kind of spirit dampening. Just like the weather outside. So, perhaps it was really more metaphorical than anything else. Not in the fully over-whelming, "I walked the earth there and I still can't comprehend how evil this place is" somber gravity of the Dachau concentration camp way, but it a "Huh. This is kind of depressing, can we go somewhere else now?" way. Still Want to go?

Salt mine:
The second half of the day, we spent going into another mountain in another country. A salt mine in Salzburg, specifically. We had to take a sled down into the main area, and I think there was a lake at some point. But with all the water, salt, and general darkness, it wasn't the best environment for a camera.

That's salt. Where are my fries?
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