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Sigiriya Fortress and Traditional Sri Lankan Village

Today, we visited a traditional Sri Lankan village on our way past the Sigiriya rock fortress. We also saw a Hindu parade where the people had hooks in their skin!

Hey, this is in draft right now because I'm just trying to clear out the backlog. photos are up, along with some notes, but no guarantees where the links go.
It's a work in progress.

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Early morning at 07.00 AM - Visit -  Sigiriya rock fortress (World heritage - 05th C.)
Drive to Arugambay( beach for surfing ).
Overnight - Arugambay.
            Sea Rock Beach Hotel
Breakfast at A4. ~7300 rupee ($45) for stay. Went to village & Lake adventure. Jeep to ox cart, short walk thru jungle to boat to village. Coconut pancakes w spicy rice and banana. Ground rice flour. Herbal tea and a sweet cube like honey-molassas-sugar. Palm frond weaving for roof. Tree house climb. Boat to Lake. Lotus flowers, lily pad hats. Tuktuk to beginning. Left hotel at ~11:20.

Drove to Sigiriya to see the rock fortress. Read reviews about the steep climb, and since Kacey is still rehabbing her knee, and our older one's tree house apprehension, it seemed prudent to not put me in a position where I was carrying two kids up (and down) a spirals staircase 100m above the ground. So we took pics from afar and went to a wood carving shop. Saw ebony, royal ebony (Sri Lanka specialty mix of black& brown), Rosewood, teak, mahogany, Jack wood and others. Got a carved elephant made from royal ebony for the trinket collection.


Drive saw a large 3ft+tail gray (blackface) monkey sprint across the road near a bridge and leap into the branches of a tree that was below us. Stopped for lunch, then crossed the Maja something river. A while later, saw a mongoose crossing the road. Then a herd of cows...using the crosswalk!(photo).


Hindu festival in?**kommathurai?** had young men and boys walking on shoulder of road with hooks in their backs and other parts of their bodies (mouths, arms, etc). Tamil are mostly the hindus.

(Followed by chenkalady.)
Batticaloa kattankudy? 100% Muslim? 1km#1km 45k people.
Much later (6:45) it was well passed sunset and our driver had to stop for a herd of water buffalo crossing the road. Dark animals at night in an unlit crosswalk (yes, really, they crossed at a crosswalk) could have been bad at speed.
Got to hotel at 7:20. Said hello to a gecko over out door.

Dropped our bags next to the mosquito-netted bed, then headed out in search of something the girls would eat (pizza). Turned right out of hotel entrance, walked to the place on the end that had a sign saying they served pizza. They did, but recommended another place back down the road. Took a tuktuk, passed our hotel, then arrived at cili's pizza house. Pretty good. Walked back to hotel.
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