Saturday, September 17, 2016


We drove to Kandy, visiting a tea plantation/factory and Ramboda water falls along the way. I won't lie to you, this post is still in the roughest of note form and i have to upload some photos still.

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Drive to Kandy. En- route visit tea plantation/factory and Ramboda water falls. Check in to the hotel.
Evening - Visit temple of the tooth relic and thereafter witness a traditional cultural show.
Overnight - Kandy.
            Mahakanda Homestay
Didn't get much sleep last night, opted to skip the shower. Had breakfast ~7:30 and on road by 8:10. We had planned to see Victoria park this morning (crowded last night) but the weather was cool and misty/drizzling. Not ideal for pleasant strolling.
The road was steep and slick with rain as it curved around the countryside. An almost impenetrable fog sat just beside the road, swallowing up whole forests that were revealed only in the deepest hairpin turns. Only had one scare by a dog with a death wish that darted out into the road just as we passed by.
Stopped at Mackwoods tea factory (free tour) to see black tea get made 5kg for 1kf. Green tea skips fermentation step. Usually only top three leaves (others too old, no flavor)Silver tea is just middle bud.7kg for 1kg. Different grades, finer=darker. Tea tasting (free), great for today's wet weather. shop. Very busy for 9am on a saturday. Also stopped at a strawberry farm, but the girls wanted to stay in the van. Got a jar for 460 rupee.
On road-bat, monkey troop, rambuda? Waterfalls near blue field tea factory. After about an hour of fast driving on curvy mountain  roads, our 4-yr old announced that "my tummy hurts" and about a minute later threw up a little. Pulled over, changed clothes, washed out her mouth with water and gave her some bubble gum to get rid of the taste.

Got kind of lost looking for the homestay. Roads were barely wide enough for two cars, maybe only two tuk tuks. Not enough for our car and a bus tho. Turns out there were two roads with the same name and we took the wrong one. Passed a funeral with white flags flying. I think that's better than black.

Homestay is very nice, with lots of Windows and a great view. Went into Kandy. Had lunch, then wood carving shopping, gem stone museum. Cultural performance with drums and dancers. One drum/dance sequence was vaguely techno. Also fire dance!
Dinner at the homestay was home made and delicious. One of the fun things about traveling is meeting an learning about how other people live. In this case, we had to adjust the valves in the shower to select which source of water we were drawing from. You see, the hot water from the solar heater on the roof was the default, but if it hadn't been particularly sunny that day, it was better to switch to the flash heater in the bathroom. Even so, I enjoyed my last refreshingly cool shower before our return to Saudi Arabia (link to summary), where the water supply in on the roof surrounded by the hot desert air.
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