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Anuradhapura & an Elephant Safari in Minneriya

In the north of Sri Lanka, we visited the ancient capital city of Anuradhapura and then went on safari in Minneriya National park where we saw over 150 elephants in the wild!

Hey, this is in draft right now because I'm just trying to clear out the backlog. photos are up, along with some notes, but no guarantees where the links go.

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MON 12.09.16 –
Early morning -  Anuradhapura-- 1st ancient capital in Sri Lanka - (World heritage).
Visit sacred city

Samosas, Naan?, tiny sweet bananas and watermelon juice for breakfast.
Guide for~2,000 rupee.
 Opted to change into pants to avoid issues. Woman in parking lot asked if we we from the Netherlands.
Bodhi tree. Buddhist flag as a symbol. Buddhist wheel.
Buddhist Wheel

The Buddhist Flag

Pagoda=da goba in sri. "Relic dome". Stupa is big white dome, with crystal on top. Solid brick, save for a 6mx6m room. Covered in plaster.
Monkeys. Temples.

Even police were barefoot. Granite hot, limestone circle cool.

Monastic circle/agri/water "tanks"/forest kinda like Buddhist wheel. Much Destroyed by nature or by man.
"I can give you a bicycle, but I cannot give you balance"


Lunch at a little restaurant outside Habarana. Buffet style, had rice, noodles, curry chicken. banana curry. Tasted like it sounds. Not bad, just different.

Outside our hotel room


When yala is closed, Minneriya is next best option.
Safari: started at 2:30, lots of trucks.

Lots of elephants. Over 150 scattered in several herds.

Saw them by Lake (dry season...like trees the color of dirt, dryness))

One truck charged by elephant got damaged and had to leave.

by tree...we almost got charged...truck bolted.

Pink ears on old ones is skin infection? Only a few tusks in a group. Saw little baby - really pink.

Rode thru water on way out. Outside of the park, we passed an elephant walking on the side of the road. By itself.

Ayurvedic spa...head oil, body oil massage. 80 min for $45. Steam room w leaves on floor w vents for hot air. Leaving steam room felt cool.

Dinner was Indian buffet.

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