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Nanu Oya to Nuwara Eliya

Today is split between taking a train ride to Nanuoya, then driving to Nuwarealiya (also known as "Little England") for some high tea and horse riding along Gregory's Lake.

Hey, this is in draft right now because I'm just trying to clear out the backlog. some photos are up, along with some notes, but no guarantees where the links go. It's a work in progress.

#train Train ride to Nanu Oya

Said good morning to German ShepherdsToby & bingo (son of toby).

Breakfast of crepes and fresh fruit juice, tea. Coffee was terrible (Kacey This time). Kids got corn flakes. They played while Kacey packed.
FYI "are you happy?" is how they ask for a tip.

At train station by 10:15. Train scheduled for 10:56, to Nanu-Oya in the "Rajadhani"? Observation (OFV) car at the back of the train.
Lots of agricultural activity, red earth terraces with pewter-gray-green cabbage? Kit offered cheese puff. Tunnel screaming. Diesel fumes.

Vendors - roasted peanuts, donuts. Kids fell asleep sort of.


#high-tea High Tea in Little England

#night Full Moon Festival in Nuwara Eliya


Nanuoya at 1405, met up with our driver on the footbridge over the train tracks. Chilliest yet.
Lunch on the lake at Calamander restaurant. Cold enough to get jacket and shoes (not sandals). Horse ride for girls 4000, fog rolled in and then out. Area is called "little England", I guess chilly & overcast. A bit unnerving to watch the girls disappear into the crowd on horseback. They came back w smiles on. Lots of horses walking around by themselves.
Had high tea at the Grand hotel (1k each), some really good savory/spicy and sweets. Kids didn't like the tea. But kids behaved just well enough to enjoy the playground afterwards.
Lots of traffic on way around Lake to hotel. Our room in The log is the loft of an a-frame, so ~7 feet tall in the middle, and maybe 14 feet wide on the floor. Which is about 6feet of width when you are standing up. Fog rolled in at twilight, seems like a perfect setting for a suspense-thriller movie.
Hotel guy led us to Indian summer restaurant that was quite nice, even had iPad menus. Unfortunately, to get there we had to walk by an open sewer that was quite foul.

So, the hotel has character. Like a shower with a drain that is physically in the wrong space, walls and floors so thin you can clearly hear conversations of other guests, beds at floor level, half-height hatch that covered the steep ladder to enter the room and one extension cord for power (and wifi!). the roof is open to the outside in the bathroom (with a door that can't lock and prefers to sit open 30 degrees), which creates a breeze when the wind blows. And you could hear the rain on the metal roof, which would flap and bang if the winds were strong enough. There was also a Full Moon Festival that stretched into the night with drums, singing and music. So, yeah, kids will probably remember this way differently than adults.

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