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A Toddler's birthday party: Organized Chaos

This weekend we celebrated our daughter's second birthday. It was a pool party, with an aquatic theme. You'd think this would be pretty straight-forward to decorate with, since everyone knows Nemo. But finding Nemo nowadays is nearly impossible, as Cars have run them out of the toy stores, party shops, and balloon stands. But after many hours of searching, we found some large balloons shaped like colorful fish AND got a discount on them...because the store was trying to clear them out to make room for something more popular.

In keeping with the theme, we had a clownfish-shaped cake, cupcakes decorated with various sea creatures, fish bowls filled with blue jello and gummy fish suspended within them, and even aquatic animal-shaped beachballs floating in the pool.

The cake
The birthday feast
Gummi fish in blue jello
By the way...if you're planning on suspending anything in jello, make sure the fluid has enough gelatin and the refrigerator is cold enough. Otherwise, you might find yourself up at midnight trying to figure out a way to keep the gummy fish from sinking to the bottom, like ours did.

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