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Backstop 76 applications submitted

So, in an effort to hedge my future employment bets, I've also applied for two Crisis, Stabilization and Governance Officer (Backstop 76) positions with USAID. I think what drew me in was this section of the job description:

As an Officer in USAID's Foreign Service, s/he serves most of his/her career overseas in less developed countries affected by conflict, complex emergencies, natural disasters, and transitions in governance. S/he manages U.S. Government resources, implementation teams, contractors and grantees to achieve specific program objectives and results. If selected to serve as a BS-76 officer, s/he will be expected to develop the required competencies and skills across the full range of technical and program areas associated with the variety of functions within this backstop. However, the officer will be assigned initially in one of the two main focal areas of the backstop, namely governance (democracy, political processes and transitions, stabilization) OR response (disaster and complex emergencies, food aid and humanitarian assistance) based on prior experience and demonstrated competencies/skill sets. The officer will then be provided opportunities to develop expertise in the related sub-skill specialties that encompass this rather broad backstop through training and subsequent assignments.
Yeah, live overseas (with family), help people in need, and make the world a better place...and get paid for it? Here's hoping.

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