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The world outside the hotel door

I'm in town for a couple days for a conference, but it's winding down now. I'm staying in the same hotel where the the conference is being held, making lunch the only time I made it out into the sunshine. The walk back to my room after today's wrap-up found me strolling down the nondescript, windowless hallway. The rhythm of the doorways was only punctuated by the lonely copies of USA Today abandoned by their owners that the cleaning staff hadn't cleaned up yet.

About two hours later, I noticed that someone had slipped a flyer for Crispy's Pizza under my door. Actually, I didn't notice them slipping it under, only that it had been slipped under my door as I sat in my room watching the TV. Which seemed strange, like I felt my personal space was violated by a piece of paper on one side of the door but a whole pile of of paper on the other side of the door was totally legit.

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