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Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

Right after I finished with all of the in-processing requirements from my second deployment, I hopped on the train to Zurich to meet up with Kacey, her aunt and her cousin. They left a couple of days ago, since they didn't have paperwork to do. The plan was for them to pick me up at the Zurich train station and we'd all head to the hotel. Well, wouldn't you know it, I arrived at rush-hour and it was raining.
Zurich Station (Source)
We had coordinated where at the station they'd pick me up and they already had my bags (I packed them in the car before they left), but there wasn't really a "pick-up/drop-off" area to get me into the car. So, I ended up sheltering under an awning near a traffic light until I saw their car, then I dashed across the side walk, hopped the guard rail and poured myself into the seat before the light turned red.

And away we went. It was a short drive to the hotel where we had arranged for a park-and-fly rate so we could leave our car there while we're down in Greece.
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